Frequently Asked Questions

We will send you the installation documents for your reference. If you cannot install it by your side. We will send Engineer to your place to assist the installation. You will provide accommodation for our staff, free of cost, during the installation period.

We ensure our product longevity by using best quality materials. With proper maintenance, our play Systems can be used for as long as 8 to 12 years.

All our products can be customized according to your preferences, requirements, and constraints.

There are about 40 workers in the factory. So we can produce about 10 sets of common Multiplay System within one month.

Playground equipments are constantly exposed to harsh sunlight, rain dust etc. that may result in colour fading. Knowing this, we use a mixture of special chemicals that reduce the fading time once the maintenance is provided.

Providing prompt after sales are our forte and spare parts can be easily provided as and when required.

We want to assure you that our quality is legendary, and we stand behind our products with one of the best warranties in the business and a level of customer service that assures you that your needs will be met. All warranties specifically exclude damage caused by vandalism; negligence, improper installation or improper use; changes in appearance resulting from weathering; scratches, dents or marring as a result of use. Warranties are valid only if products are installed and maintained in accordance with NAGPAL ENGG & SPORTS instructions and use approved parts.

We have always considered safety in our products as the single most important factor. To make sure that the product we provide adhere to the highest safety levels, we take it into consideration right from the stage where our product is conceived. All the Fabrication welded using the best quality welding rods. All Welded joint are properly grounded and coated with an epoxy sealant for rust resistance. All sharp edges and corners are properly ground before painting.

We at NES chose materials that are safe, durable and of a reputed make. Whenever possible, we take raw material quality test certificate from our vendors/suppliers. All our products are passed through a formal quality control department to ensure consistent quality levels. FRP-Fibre glass reinforced plastics made up of top quality polyester resin and virgin quality standard glass. All the MS Pipe used A Class ISI Marked Reputed Brand Make